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Akankah Josephine Jobert Kembali Meninggal Di Firdaus?

Josephine Jobert dimainkan Detective Sergeant Cassell in the popular crime drama Kematian Di Surga from Series 4, Episode 1 until her departure in Series 11, Episode 4. She was a longstanding and respected character in the Kematian Di Surga TV series. However, with her exit in Series 11, and with her not appearing in the most recent series (series 12), there is really no mention or indication that she will return. So, is this the case? And will Josephine Jobert kembali ke Kematian Di Surga? That’s what we will discuss in this post.

Josephine Jobert’s role in Death In Paradise

As we mentioned before, she played DS Casselle in the series and was basically a female replacement for DS Camille Bordey. She started off as a uniformed officer, before being promoted to detective.

Dalam seri, Casselle was a hardworking, kind and diligent officer, who carried out her work to the letter of the law, and was a very likeable character.

Considering she appeared in 8 series, all of which she performed very well, it was sad to see her go, just like characters such as Dwayne Myers, she served the series very well, so when she left, it felt like another void has been created, as her replacement was not up to scratch.

However, if you want to understand this problem better, please read our article on why Kematian Di Surga is running out of time: Apakah Waktu Hampir Habis Untuk Kematian Di Firdaus? – so, with that said, will Josephine Jobert return to Death In Paradise?

Why would Josephine Jobert want to return

To answer why Josephine Jobert would return To Death In Paradise let’s talk about the fact that a character who first appeared in the earlier series and then left, actually appeared later on, during a special episode. This character was DS Camille Bordey, who was played by Sara Martins.

She appeared briefly in the Episode, where it was revealed that she had been working in Paris, as an undercover police officer, still serving in the rank of Detective.

So, with that said, it is more than possible that she will return since it has already been done before. Considering she has been on the series for a very long time, it is not too far gone to suggest that a return would not be totally absurd for Jobert.

Akankah Josephine Jobert Kembali Meninggal Di Firdaus?

So, now that we have answered why Josephine Jobert would return to Death In Paradise, let’s talk about if it will happen, and the answer will Josephine Jobert return to Death In Paradise?

Firstly, at this current time, Josephine Jobert is currently working on another project in Prancis, which is, coincidentally a crime drama. So for now, it seems she is busy. However, when filming ends, the possibility is all there.

Josephine Jobert Death In Paradise
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The problem is, Josephine Jobert’s role has already been filled, by actor Shantol Jackson, who has, in my opinion, done a very good job. Unlike officer Patterson, from a few series back, the need for Jackson’s replacement just isn’t there.

This is because she is a good actor, likeable, and really clever. So, as I said, there is no need to fill her position at all. Nevertheless, there is still a chance she could make an appearance.

Regardless of this, if we want to really answer the question of will Josephine Jobert return to Kematian Di Surga? – we need to understand how busy she will be after she finishes recording the show she is currently working on in France.

The possibility of the Kematian Di Surga star returning is not great, but it is really and truly something that can happen. Hopefully, this post has demonstrated how it is possible that Josephine Jobert will return to Kematian Di Surga.

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