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Jeremy From Peep Show Ditampilkan Dalam Death In Paradise Series 12

One of the two main characters from the sitcom Peep Show which ran from 19 September 2003 - 16 Desember 2015 is making an appearance in Series 12, Episode 2 of Kematian Di Surga. During the preview for Episode 2, we see jaringan making a comment about how it’s not going to end well. So, what is the episode about and what can we expect to see? That’s what I’ll be discussing in this post.

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From what I remember, I haven’t seen Robert Webb (the actor who plays Jeremy, or Jez as he’s normally called) in many other movies or TV programmes so it will be very interesting to see him again but in Kematian Di Surga.

Sejak Kematian Di Surga adalah drama kriminal, it would be funny to see jaringan, a man who played a character who was not exactly the most serious of people when it came to anything really.

Why did Robert Web choose to appear in Death In Paradise?

Well, there may be a number of different reasons, but the main one is pretty simple. It’s basically a holiday for him. Please let me explain. There have been a number of different actors who have appeared in Kematian Di Surga as side characters. Normally, they play suspects but in some cases, they don’t.

Anyway, actors such as Blake Harrison, siapa yang bermain Neil dari Peralihan, Martin Compston, who played Steve from Line Of Duty, dan bahkan Harry Potter actor who played baru (dimainkan oleh Matthew Lewis) have appeared in it. These are all one-time characters who seemingly never re-appear.

A lot of them are BBC actors, so it makes sense since it’s a BBC production. However, some are not, and this is where the Web comes in.

He’s originally a saluran 4 actor, but clearly, the chance to head off to the beautiful Island of Guadeloupe was just too much for him to ignore. I really don’t blame him. I’d have done the same.

What can we expect to see from his performance?

The episode seems to be centred around Mempersiapkan. Proses dari Mempersiapkan is preparing survival systems in case (or when) a global catastrophe strikes. It combines learning about underground bunkers, food rations, basic long-term survival and more.

From what the preview gave us, jaringan seems to be one of the preppers. This will provide an interesting insight into his ability as an actor and show us that he his more versatile than some people might assume.

Jeremy From Peep Show Ditampilkan Dalam Death In Paradise Series 12
© BBC ONE (Death In Paradise, Series 12, Episode 1)

I think this would be an OK fit for him, as he is a generally good actor, but what will happen in the episode is pretty much up to the imagination.

There seems to be a theme around the preppers owning or storing firearms, and one of the preppers seems to die in the very bunker they were staying in.

Robert Web is quite a high-class actor, and he’s won many awards and appeared in a lot of shows and movies. So, would the showrunners elect to leave him being just a simple side character with a predictable backstory and boring character? Or will he be more important? Perhaps even the main suspect in the killing.

When will we see Robert Web in Death In Paradise Series 12?

Episode berikutnya dari Kematian Di Surga is set to be released this Sunday, on the 15 of January. The first episode of Kematian Di Surga Series 12 was released on the 6th Januari, 2023.

Biasanya, BBC iPlayer releases are weekly, and it is very rare, that a release will come out every 2 weeks or every month for example. You should certainly expect to see it this Sunday. Hopefully, we will see it.

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