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Peringkat Usia Invasi Tingkat Tinggi – Harus Seperti Apa?

The popular Anime known as Invasi Bertingkat Tinggi has become much liked among fans and anime watchers in general. But what should anime ini, which features violent graphic, sexual and adult-themed scenes be rated? Well, in this post, that is what I will discuss. Here is the Invasi Bertingkat Tinggi Age Rating.

Apa itu Invasi Bertingkat Tinggi?

Invasi Bertingkat Tinggi is an Anime that is centred around a girl called Yuri, who is transported to another world. In this world, there seems to be nothing but skyscrapers, and there are strange humanoid figures who walk around with a mask, trying to scare them into jumping off, falling off the building, or even just killing themselves.

These things are called masks, and they are normal people who have been turned into masks to serve a purpose. As Yuri journeys through each building trying to find weapons and food, she meets another character.

These two make friends and help each other. As well as this, we covered lots of things in our post: Tanggal Tayang Perdana Musim 2 High-Rise Invasion + Penjelasan Akhir – much more is explained here.

What should the High-Rise Invasion age rating be?

In my opinion, and as someone who has watched the whole series and speculated on its sequel, I would have to conclude that the High-Rise Invasion age rating should be at least 18 years old or older.

Why so? – Well, the show features various scenes of a sexual nature, such as the scene from Episode one where Yuri is sexually assaulted and literally becomes a victim of sexual battery when her clothes are torn off.

Peringkat Usia Invasi Bertingkat Tinggi
© Zero-G (Invasi Bertingkat Tinggi)

There are also other scenes of a violent nature such as dead bodies with holes shot through their head, people being shot and stabbed, etc, and more violence and adult themes.

Saat ini, menurut Common Sense Media, the Anime High-Rise Invasion should be a 16+ – we disagree with this conclusion and recommended that anybody who is over 18 years of age can view the show. Some people are saying on that site that 13+ and over is ok, and this, in our opinion, is strongly not advised.

This is due to so many factors but mainly it’s: smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, sexual language & innuendo, partial nudity scenes, fighting, gore, blood, dead bodies, murder, suicide, sexual assault, and adult themes. Because of this, in our opinion, we suggest that the Anime Invasi Bertingkat Tinggi should be recommended for adult audiences of 18 years or over.

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