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Profil Karakter Kakeru Ryūen

Kakeru Ryūen is a character who appears both in musim 1 serta musim 2 dari Classroom of the Elite Anime. But who is Kakeru Ryūen? – and why is he so important in anime? Well, in this post, we will answer all these questions and detail what role he plays in the Anime. This is the Kakeru Ryūen Character Profile.

Overview of Kakeru Ryūen

First appearing in the first season of animenya, Kakeru Ryūen presented himself as an oppressive and violent class leader, who only got what he wanted through violence and intimidation. In fact, Ryūen believes that violence is the most powerful force in this world.

But we will come to that later. For most of the first season, he acts as the leader of Kelas C, the class which is above Kelas D and acts as a tyrant, which is what most of this class and other characters such as Horikita describe him as.

In season 2, Ryūen plays an incredibly important part in the plot and turns out to be a very important character in the alter episodes, even challenging Kiyotaka sendiri.

Penampilan dan Aura

For this Kakeru Ryūen Character Profile, understanding Ryūen’s Appearance and Aura is very important. In animenya, Ryūen is tall, with an athletic build. He has long, shoulder-length hair which is red and dark brown.

He has bright and scary magenta eyes, with a slim yet muscular physique. He is pretty handsome, but in animenya, he comes off as rude and arrogant.

However, this perfectly fits his character, since he is the leader of the class, most of the class doesn’t seem to care or even question his position, and like most people in our modern society, simply acquiesce to his power and intimidation, even though, if they all stood up to him, he would likely not be able to do anything.

Personality of Kakeru Ryūen

In animenya, Ryūen is very arrogant. He is like this throughout the whole Anime. However, one thing is for sure. Ryūen is not stupid. Quite the opposite.

An example of this is in the later episodes of season 2 of Classroom of the Elite. I won’t mention this now, but if you want a full review of this, please read our article on Classroom dari akhir Elite Season 2 dijelaskan, I think this will really help you understand his motives and mind a lot better.

Anyway, throughout Ruang Kelas Elite, he acts as the class leader, and this means he has quite a lot of power. Ryūen knows that to uphold his power, he must act in a violent way in front of his Class, in order to scare them and to make sure they never betray or rise up against him. He understands power dynamics well, making in a cunning and feared character.

He always seems to talk in a sarcastic and patronising way, even to those who are in higher classes than him, which indicates he is quite fearless. He has few admirable traits, but this is certainly one of them. Normally, he’s also quite cruel, beating up members of his Class when he has even the slightest reason to.

Post related to Kakeru Ryūen Character Profile


Being one of the antagonists of the first series, Ryūen’s history is quite interesting, because he plays a large part in Ruang Kelas Elite. In the first season, he acts as a tyrant in Kelas C, and commands his subordinates to carry out various tasks.

An example of this is when he gets Mio Ibuki, (a young girl with green hair, who later becomes quite close) to sneak into Class C’s camp during a test to steal underwear from the girl’s tent.

In the final episode of the first season, he emerges from the jungle, all unkept and messy. This is where he thinks his plan has worked, but soon after it’s revealed that Kelas D actually came out on top of the test, all thanks to Kiyotaka tentu saja.

In the second season, he does not appear that much, although his actions direct and impact some of the scenes we see during the earlier episodes. Finally, when we get near the end of the second season, Kakeru Ryūen gets frustrated that he can’t find who’s pulling Class D’s strings.

He threatens and humiliates some of the people in the class, getting very angry in the process. And finally, he gets set up near the end, when Kiyotaka sends him a message, telling him to back off Horikita.

This culminates in the final scene, where he has that fight with Kiyotaka, showing off his spectacular fighting skills, which Kiyotaka notes to himself, concluding that Kakeru Ryūen has his own unique fighting style.

After he is badly beaten by Kiyotaka, he tries to leave the school, saying it was he who had the cameras spray painted. This doesn’t work, and he remains at the school, even talking to Kiyotaka afterwards, with the two exchanging remarks about each other. It’s a very cool and insightful scene. And I cannot wait for Ruang Kelas Elite Musim 3.

Busur karakter

When looking into the Kakeru Ryūen Character Profile, unfortunately, Kakeru Ryūen doesn’t really have a character arc. He doesn’t really change at all. This is not a bad thing. It can be said that he might have gotten a little bit smarter in the second season.

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However, this doesn’t really mean his entire character changed and an arc was even present. He remains the same, and that is fine in my opinion. Will we see a change in Season 3? Let’s hope.

Signifikansi Karakter di Kelas Elite

So, how significant is Kakeru Ryūen in animenya? Well, he is very important, especially in the later episodes of the season. It’s important to note that even though Kakeru Ryūen is a member of Kelas C, which is one of the lower classes, only being above Kelas C pada kenyataannya.

However, in my opinion, Kakeru Ryūen is more of an antagonist than some of the characters in the higher classes like Kelas B serta Kelas A, and this really speaks to the type of person he is.

Instead of laying low, keeping out of sight, and avoiding confrontation, Kakeru Ryūen does the opposite. Regularly challenging, betraying and antagonizing the other classes. Making him very significant in Ruang Kelas Elite.

Think about it. In the final scene involving Kiyotaka and himself, it’s not the other Class leaders that have this face-off, it’s Ryūen. What does this tell you about him really?

Although it’s revealed that Kiyotaka doesn’t care if his real identity is revealed anyway, it’s still telling that the only real people who know about his real identity or know about it first, are Kakeru Ryūen, Mio Ibuki, Albert Yamada serta Daichi Ishizaki. This is all because of Kakeru Ryūen.

We don’t know for sure if the other Class leaders know in animenya, but it’s unlikely they do. So, with that said, you can see that he is a very important character in Ruang Kelas Elite. His character significance is greatly measurable.

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