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Profil Karakter Kikyō Kushida

Kikyō Kushida is a character that was present in the first episode of season 1 of Ruang Kelas Elite, all the way up till musim 2 and she will appear in season 3 as well. She has two sides in animenya and acts as a protagonist to both Kiyotaka and Horikita. In Anime and Manga, this character has two different personas, one which she shows in front of her friends, and the other which is only shown in private. This is the Kikyō Kushida Character Profile.

Overview of Kikyō Kushida

Kikyō Kushida went to the same school as Horikita, and she went to this school, before she came to the akademi. Karena ini, Horikita becomes a target, because she knows about her past, and therefore, has to go. Read our article on why Kushida hates Horikita in Classroom of the Elite.

Di musim pertama the Anime, she acts cold and sometimes disrespectful to some of her class mates, saying that if they don’t bother trying to get into Kelas A, then she doesn’t care if they get left behind.

However, during the second season, she starts to work with her classmates a lot more, after seeing what Kiyotaka was capable with, she seems to realise that teaming up with the people in her class and working together is very important.

Penampilan dan Aura

She is around 170mm in height, with short hair that covers the back of her head and comes down past her ears. It’s a mix of brown and light, but also a mix of beige as well. She has gradient crimson eyes, and wears Akademi uniform as well.

Profil Karakter Kikyō Kushida
© Lerche (Ruang Kelas Elite)

It should be said that Kushida has two sides. One where she is nice to everyone, tolerant, kind, helpful, considerate and many more good attributes, and one where she is completely the opposite, harbouring deep resentment for many of the other classmates in her academy.

So, when she is in front of everyone, she gives off a cute, kind and supportive aura, being extremely friendly.

She has a default high-pitched voice and over-the-top mannerisms and movements. This only is with her fake character, however.

When she is by herself or in the company of people who she isn’t bothered will see her true self, she acts completely different, giving off a rude, manipulative and even spoilt display of emotions, most of which come from her hatred of Horikita.


Kushida’s real personality is kind of a mystery, since she has two sides in the Anime, determining her true personality is going to be difficult, but let’s break it down.

On the inside, she is a spiteful, harsh and pathetic person, who really only cares about being the centre of attention, and about getting validation from her classmates. She wants to be the one who everybody talks about, the one who everybody relies on.

If you think about it, she is a pretty pathetic character, since her whole existence is based on receiving validation from other people. She even says in one of the later episodes of Ruang Kelas Elite Musim 2.

So, if you look at it like that, there is not much to talk about, since her fake personality only serves a single purpose, it can’t be said that this is the personality which really represents her character.


Let’s disuses the history of this character and how it relates to the Kikyō Kushida Character Profile.

Sama seperti Horikita, she starts off in the Anime in the very first episode, where she introduces herself to everyone saying how she can’t wait to meet everyone and be their friend.

I think there’s even a part where she says she wants to make friends with everyone in the school.

Again, no one really cares, but she does, and that’s why it’s so important for her to be in everyone’s good books.

She does this through the whole 2 seasons, even when Kiyotaka sees her and knows that she has a fake personality.

This is until the later episodes of the second season, where Kushida, Ryūen serta Horikita meet up, and she tries to blackmail her but it doesn’t work.

Busur karakter

in terms of her character arc, there is not much to talk about, since she does not really have one, her character, throughout animenya, stays the same and doesn’t improve or develop.

She even remains the same as she was before she even joined the academy when she was at the same school as Horikita. So in reality, she hasn’t changed since she moved to the academy, nor since the second season.

She’s stayed the same. Maybe this is a testament to how unlikable her character is.

Character significance in Classroom of the Elite

Her character significance in the Anime is important to the Kikyō Kushida Character Profile because just like other characters, plays an immense role in the Anime. It’s Kushida who tries to get Horikita excluded, she’s the one who sells out Class D and tries to get all the points for herself.

Along with characters like Ryūen, Kushida plays the part of the antagonist, and she does this really well. Since there isn’t that much rivalry between the different classes, it’s no wonder that the majority of the drama in the Anime show stems from induvial characters and the issues and goals they have.

Kushida is no different from this and just like the other antagonists in the Anime, has her own goals and issues which she tries to address in the show.

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